Britney visited with kids from the Children’s Hospital of Orange County last Saturday, handing out signed copies of “Ooh La La” and candidly chatting with them about makeup, music, Vegas and her favorite foods in the Seacrest Studios.

Yup, the same interview where she says Justin Timberlake’s feature on “Holy Grail” is mystical. That it is.

She mentions “Alien” and “Perfume” are her favorite songs (where’s The “Tik Tik Boom” love, Britney?!) off “Britney Jean.” It was also one of the easier albums to record (cue the Myah Marie jokes. Please shutup) because she worked with an elite team of producers and writers. That, and because she’s done it seven times before.

Britney likes working with director Joseph Kahn because he knows exactly what he’s doing. “He’s very together, and very passionate and very organized.”

Plus, she admits she might perform as an Ambassador of Music for VH1 next year!

The video shows highlights from the interview, whereas the SoundCloud is the full version.

Check out photos from the surprise meet and greet in XRAY:

Britney Visits Children’s Hospital of Orange County Patients