Britney’s Hawaiian Canoe Instructor Tells His Tale

February 9, 2005 By Jordan Miller

WAILEA, MAUI, HAWAII—Wayne Chun’s rock-solid body shook with excitement as he remembered the day he got to the “bottom” of Britney Spears’ problem.

While on a visit to beautiful Polo Beach, where Chun and his friend Kawika Gang introduce visitors to Hawaii’s amazing canoe culture, the pop diva was encouraged to take a ride with the handsome Hawaiians in their sleek outrigger.

Spears was a more than willing participant.

“She was great,” remembered Chun, whose firm body looked like it had been carved out of the lava rock that surrounds Polo Beach, one of Maui’s top five. “We taught her to paddle the canoe and she sang the chants of the Hawaiian fisherman. She listened intently to our history lessons about how the canoes were made and she even blew the conch shell.

“She was having such a good time we invited her to take a swim with us.”

That’s when Spears let Chun know about her injured knee.

“She was afraid that once she got into the water, she might have difficulty climbing back into the canoe,” said Chun, who told Spears not to worry because “I would help her.” thanks