Britney’s Google+ is the first account to reach six million circles.

“Social media has changed the music industry,” Britney said to in November. “For the first time ever, artists can directly communicate with their fans.”

In the last few months, Britney broke the record for most buzz in social media for a premiere in a series, met with Path CEO Dave Morin and was reportedly creating her own social media platform.

“Technology touches every aspect of my career right now.”

Top 10 Google+ accounts:
1. Britney Spears (6,003,380)
2. Lady Gaga (5,919,566)
3. Larry Page (5,258,425)
4. Snoop Dogg (5,140,326)
5. David Beckham (4,785,750)
6. Trey Ratcliff (4,587,158)
7. Tom Anderson (4,586,340)
8. Thomas Hawk (4,560,312)
9. Usher (4,483,680)
10. Madonna (4,442,203)

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