Britney's Giorgio Moroder Song Is Unfinished

Britney’s disco funk jammer on Giorgio Moroder’s album is still a work in progress.

It’s easier getting in touch with Michael Jackson than it is Britney Spears, hence why Giorgio Moroder’s having such a difficult time completing his song with Brit Brit – a cover he “likes” but would appreciate finishing before his album’s out (duh).

“With Britney, I still have to work with her,” he told Official Charts. “We started with the main part [of the song] but I’ve added a bridge to it, so as soon as she’s free we have to finish that.”


Moroder continues…

“She’s difficult to get in contact with! One thing I noticed is that the singers themselves are so involved these days. One of the problems with working with Britney is that now she’s so busy – for example she’s in Vegas – and she has contracts that say she can’t do certain things. She cannot do a video because of I don’t know exactly what. It’s different from the way I used to work.”


The Disco dude revealed it was Britney’s idea to have a song on his album – she wanted to redo an “old” song, and he approved.

“I spoke to her on the phone. She called me and told me she wanted to do the song – it was her idea and she wanted to do it together in the studio, but unfortunately I was in Europe.”

“I heard the track and I only changed a little bit – she did a good job with it actually. I hope she finds the time to do the little bridge – it’s just eight bars. I’m going to meet her soon and tell her!”

I imagine she’ll hear about it now! Moroder needs to relax – if he wants to have a living legend on his album he’s going to have to wait in line like the rest of us. The Queen needs her beauty sleep and massages (pronounced muh-sodge-ez). Perfection takes time… a lot of it!

Perhaps he can persuade her to record an original while he’s waiting.

Impatiently waiting for recording studio candids.