Britney's Giorgio Moroder Song Is

Britney’s song on Giorgio Moroder’s upcoming album is “an old song.” Not the adjective fans had hoped for.

Cue the meltdowns! While the Britney Army is eager to hear any new Britney music, they’ll have to wait a bit longer. Sort of.

Moroder confirms in an interview the song he and Britney collaborated on isn’t an original. Brit came to the disco pioneer with the idea, and he approved.

Moroder said:

“Britney actually came to me. She asked me if I was interested in doing an old song, which obviously I liked and I knew. She came to the studio and did it relatively fast and absolutely gave her special touch.”

Studio today! Yay!

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The song on Giorgio Moroder’s upcoming album is described to be a “different sound” for Brit Brit with a disco ’70s vibe out in March.

See the interview below (Brit part at 3:10).

Hmmm, does this mean it’s a song of Britney’s she’s already done? Did she record a cover? Did she redo an old song of hers?

Hashtag womp.