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This Is Britney’s First Photo Ever To Reach Over 1 Million Likes On Instagram

No Britney, no Instagram.

No Britney, no Instagram.

There is so much breaking music news going around today, but I had to drop everything to tell you this very important news:

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For the first time ever, one of Britney’s Instagram photos topped a million likes.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

It’s the perfectly-timed lovey dovey photo of her and Sam on a hiiiike?, standing together on a rock with a waterfall behind them and OH YEAH THERE’S BRITNEY’S SIX-PACK ABS AND SAM’S MASSIVE ARMS AND **** IN FULL VIEW. Casual.

Beyonce is SHOOK. Congrats Queen!

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3 replies on “This Is Britney’s First Photo Ever To Reach Over 1 Million Likes On Instagram”

I’m a huge Brit fan, however, i’m pretty sure a lot of her likes are fake. I noticed a random surge of likes in her posts lately. She usually barely topped 100,000 likes, however lately she’s been making it to the 200,000’s and now with this one being 1,000,000 something isn’t adding up. Still love her!!

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