Britney’s conservators, Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet, filed legal papers today “explaining Britney’s finances,” according to

From March through December, Britney spent:

$447,633.69 on security.
$49,387.22 on household repairs and maintenance.
$625,000 to pay Kevin Federline’s lawyers, or “Federline Fees,” according to the legal docs and
$178,818 in child support payments.

Other expenses that qualify Spears’ status as rich: $188,556 on assistants and other employees; $285,594 in mortgage payments; $5,998 for “decorations”; and $1.06 million in “miscellaneous business expenses,” according to

Grand total? An astounding $10,116,678.23.

Predictably, TMZ forgot to add up how much Jamie received!


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