you're sweet

Britney Tweeted fans Saturday night expressing her gratitude for them. Fans miss her and are going crazy without seeing the slightest glimpse of her, so it’s great she reached out to show her appreciation. She said:

#Blessed RT @Trouble_For_Me: Because Of Britney there has been 30 TT’s in the last 3 days just for @britneyspears 🙂

Awww miss her! RT @paamkissxo: Because Of Britney we all know who Sabi is..

LOL RT @BritFanProblems: Because Of Britney, I almost sprained my neck by hair flipping so much. #BritFanProblems

Because of u all I smile everyday 🙂 RT @BradySpears: Because Of Britney I’m stronger than yesterday.

We love ya, Brit!

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