Us Weekly: Britney Spears reunited August 5th with Madonna at LA’s Kabbalah Centre. ”Lourdes (Madge’s 8-year-old) seemed very happy to see her,” says an attendee. ”Near the end of the service, Britney smiled and mouthed things to her. They were very cute!”
However the week ended on a down note when a photographer was shot in the leg August 6th with a pellet gun.
Spears sunset bash at her rented Malibu home had a gypsy theme, with Tiki torches and Indian tunes. As for baby names? ”She’s thinking Kevin Jr. or June, after her grandfather,” says a source.
On August 7th, her and Kevin’s clans chartered a boat in Marina del Rey, California. On-deck activities? Fishing for the guys and sunbathing for the girls!

Source: Us Weekly

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