Britneys Expensive Gifts To Kev

November 4, 2004 By Jordan Miller

If cold hard cash is any indicator of everlasting love then Britney Spears must be head over heels after literally throwing money at her new hubby, Kevin Federline.

US magazine In Touch reports that Brit has given Kevin all of the proceeds from the sale and syndication of the couple’s wedding photos which amounts to a very tidy sum of £1.7m! A Brit source told the mag: “It was Britney’s wedding gift to him. She said, ‘Here’s the money because I wouldn’t have it if I hadn’t married you.'”

We doubt dancer Kev will have to take on any cheesy chorus line dancing jobs after that. But Britney’s generosity doesn’t end there. Brit has also splashed out more than £65,000 on a Rolex watch for Kev. Kev reportedly loves it so much he never takes it off. Britney told friends she wanted to buy him something he’d want to keep it as “love token.” Phew! What next? Kev’s very own gold plated trailer?thanks