Yes, that’s leftover Shar Jackson after her surgery to be ~skinny and famous!~ Ewww. And by the way, this story was published yesterday, but obviously since I care so much about Shar freaking Jackson; I forgot to post it. I’m sure this will interest all you crazy Taylor Swift fans out there.

Shar Jackson went back to talking to the press promoting… herself, and of course mentioned Britney, starting off by revealing her ringtone is “Womanizer.”

“I love it to death!” Shar tells Life & Style. “It’s such a bad song; it’s so awesome.” Apparently that ***** is stuck in the 90s and thinks “bad” means “good.” Shar, when I say your new boobies look bad, I don’t mean good, k?

“I wish her the best,” Shar says. “She looks like she’s good. She looks healthy, and I’m proud of her.”

As for Shar’s thoughts on Kevin’s new girlfriend Victora Prince (like we care)? “I met her, I said, ‘Hello, how are you?’ She seems like a nice girl, so hopefully it will work out.”

But it may be some time before Victoria gets to meet the kids. “That’s one of the ways that we really do respect each other,” Shar continues. “If I decide to date someone, it will be a while before my kids meet that person, and it’s the same with Kevin.”

Time for The Surreal Life!


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