One of the early early Britney demos in question, “Let Me Take You There,” has hit the net.


One of the early early Britney demos in question, “Let Me Take You There,” has hit the net.


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Merry Brimas! A song Britney recorded more than 20 years ago titled “Let Me Take You There” has finally surfaced. It’s bubblegum pop at its finest. 

Britney’s A&R at the time, Steven Lunt, said “it had been done in one of these karaoke recording studios, and it was in totally the wrong key for her.”

He added, “but there was one part, when her voice went up into a higher register, and suddenly she sounded really soulful and appealing. I thought maybe there was something there.”

And the rest is history.


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This track, including several others were recently auctioned off by Brit’s ex boyfriend (read more about that below). It was only a matter of time before they began to trickle onto the worldwide web.

If you’re interested in hearing some old school Brit Brit, give “Let Me Take You There” a play over at MuuMuse.




Britney’s Ex-Flame Is Selling Cassette Tapes Containing Never-Before-Heard ‘Baby’ Era Demos And Her Cover Of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”

Never-before-heard music recorded for Britney’s debut studio album Baby One More Time  is up for grabs.

Most people think Justin Timberlake was Britney’s first boyfriend, but at some point the tabloids unearthed that it was actually a guy named Reg Jones.


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I cannot tell you what Jones has been up to / is currently doing in 2018, but it has come to light Brit’s distant ex is currently selling a heap of material for profit, including never-before-heard demos on cassette recorded for her first record, old photographs, clothes and, disgustingly, some of her old lingerie (he included a Polaroid of her in it). It’s worth mentioning she was a young teenager at the time, and that’s obviously problematic.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

The songs that are included on the cassette tapes are listed below (those that haven’t seen the light of day yet are in bold). I’d like to point out Britney’s cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” is included. It’s likely the version that manager Larry Rudolph submitted to labels way back when – ultimately helping Brit secure her deal with JIVE Records.

“Soda Pop”
“From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart”
“Thinking About You”
“Wishing On A Falling Star”
“You’ve Got It All”
“Love The Hurt Away” featuring Full Force
“Nothing Less Than Real”
“Let Me Take You There”
“I Have Nothing” (Whitney Houston cover)


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What should you take away from this? There is still a treasure trove of unreleased Britney music out there, and someone will potentially buy and “own” it, but… should they?

Jones held onto these items for two decades and is using her fame for his fortune. I’d find the entire ordeal less cringeworthy, and would even encourage a bid to get our hands on the unreleased demos, but I can’t get passed selling her used underwear. It’s gross and weird and I’d rather just let sleeping dogs lie. BUT, if one of you ends up getting your hands on Brit’s Whitney cover… slide into my DMs.


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See the tapes below:



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