Britney's Ex Cheated With A Pornstar

Britney’s ex David Lucado cheated with a ******** **** star, so automatically Britney wins.

Over the weekend, rumors swirled the girl David cheated on Britney with was Orange Is The New Black‘s Diane Guerrero, but she denied it. TMZ revealed who it actually was.

Britney's Ex Cheated With A Random

Her name is Cali Lee and she’s starred in flicks like “Itty Bitty Boobies,” “8th Street Latinas Vol. 20” and “Fresh Outta High School 14”

David and Cali apparently met at a bar near Britney’s house, reports TMZ.

The two were videotaped kissing and dancing together. Jamie Spears ~caught wind~ of the tape, ~bought it~ then showed it to Britney.

Like, who cheats on Britney Spears. Who cheats on Britney Spears with that?

Get that one-night-stand, Brit!