Britney’s Driving Without A License Trial Begins Today

October 15, 2008 By Jordan Miller

It’s been over a year since Britney bumped into a parked car then “fled the scene,” and the legal drama has yet to come to a close. Hopefully Britney’s driving without a license trial in a Van Nuys court house, scheduled for today, can provide some closure.

According to, Britney is “not required to attend because it’s only a misdemeanor case. Barring any last-minute legal moves, the trial will begin with jury selection and is expected to last several days.”

Britney and her lawyer chose to opt out of a plea deal in which Britney would owe a $150 dollar fine and 1 year probation. “My client will never plead guilty to this charge, which should be reduced to an infraction,” said her attorney Michael Flanagan, who twice turned down prosecutors’ plea deals. “We’ll appeal any conviction.”

Stay tuned…