Kick off your weekend with an 80’s-tinged re-working of Britney’s “Crazy.”

Kick off your weekend with an 80’s-tinged re-working of Britney’s “Crazy.”

Remix artist Trace Adam took it upon himself to breathe new life into one of the classics. His ’89 Remix of “Crazy” is a wild ride of synthesized ups and frenetic downs.

“I wanted to make a mix of this song that sounded like it came out ten years earlier than the original,” Adam told “I was going for a Paula Abdul kind of vibe that sounded completely like it was from that time, with nothing modern added. Kind of like it wouldn’t be strange to hear it in the background of a Full House episode.”

He adds: “This mix has been in the making for a really long time; for over a year by this point. The trouble was being able to get a high enough quality acapella for certain parts of the song. I originally wasn’t able to filter those parts of Crazy, which is why there’s a little bit of “…Baby One More Time” in there. In the end, I was able to get those vocal pieces from Crazy, but I kept the BOMT bits because I just like how it flows. There’s also a couple new harmonies that I mixed up just for a fuller sound.”

Why Britney?

“I love how Britney’s voice sounds,” Adam continued. “I think she has the perfect tonality for pop music. It’s so much fun to adjust and shape her vocals; they really can do anything. And as a person, I love how humble and down to earth she still is despite her success.”

Dive in deep and stay up all night:

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