A high quality version of Britney’s “Dramatic” song off “Blackout” leaked! Sans Heidi Montag!

Click below to stream:


Full lyrics:

One more game,
its time to play,
play with me,
one more game.

just one more game,
its time to play,
come play my way.

im no more miss’s nice girl,
no playing home girl.
im not the same girl.
you never rocked my world

you used me.
tried to abuse me.
the fame, the life, the fantasy.
now back to reality.

your dramatic.
the truth the lies cant hide.
im not by your side.
drown in your drama
run to your mama.
see if she can save you.
when im not around.
your so dramatic.

nonono, no your not the one.
i thought you were.
now theres another, ringing my bell.
under his spell

your too dramatic
understand its over.

baby **** you.
the things you never did,
i thought id get a clue.
yea you want me to be that faithful to you

now let nobodies body, touch my body
in positions, that we only knew.

now im gonna give him what he wants and more.
to all those explicit things i told you no.
places said you couldnt go.

you know where im talking you.
your too dramatic.



ahhh, uh, ahh,
ahhh, uh, uh ahhh.

come and play.
you wanna play.
come play with me.

chorus x2…

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