Britney’s Dancers Rehearse For NTV, Britney M.I.A.

Britney’s official website posted this “rehearsal” video of Britney’s dancers practicing for the Best Artist of 2008 show in Tokyo, Japan. It features choreographer Wade Robson, Brit’s dancers, and a crazy ***** who scares me (towards the end of the video).

At first I got super excited because I’m a dumbass and half-read the title – assuming Britney was in this shiz. Yeah, she’s not. When I started watching it I said to myself: “I am not posting this on the main page – it’s random, fluffy and a little pointless.” But then I figured I might as well share it with you guys; at least you crazy Taylor Swift fans will enjoy it. The rest of us will wait for the rehearsal video WITH Britney. Jeeze, step up your game! Click to stream:

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