“Hi, this is britney spears… as one of my biggest fans i thought you’d wanna know what i’ve been working on. it’s my new fragrance and its called curious, and it’s amazing. I know you’re wondering why i named it that, but basically i think it’s becuase i think every woman should ask questions, take risks, and embrace new opportunities. the way i see it everyday life asks us “do you dare?” and it’s up to us to answer however we see fit. Without a sense of wonder and an ability to make choices, well, our lives would be kinda boring. Anyway, i’m really excited for you to try curious for yourself. I know you’ll love it as much as i do. Have fun, be good, and take care… and don’t forget: stay curious . Later!

Oh and check your text messages to find out where you can find ‘Curious’ in your area”..


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