Does Britney wish she could throw away her fame and fortune for something a bit more… normal?

According to new reports, Britney’s “cousin,” Alli Sims, revealed Brit often dreams of doing “something normal.”

“Britney would always say, ‘Maybe I just want to be a teacher,” Sims told Reveal magazine. “‘I just want to do something on a normal level. I’ve been something big for so long.'”

Speaking of Alli Sims talking about Britney to the press, Sims recently told ExtraTV that Britney’s breakdown was “crazier than it was,” saying:


“It seemed a lot crazier than it really was because it made simple things just like going to Starbucks seem so out of hand. It was insane because of the paparrazi, but it really wasn’t that bad when you were sitting there going through it personally. I just thought it was interesting how people expected us to stay home and not go anywhere… It’s not her fault she has that many people following her around.”

Sims, who recently released her new single, “Driving Blind,” says Britney was an inspiration for her.

“She’s definitely one of the reasons why I recorded it… She was one of my very close friends. I do miss her a lot.”

Although many Britney fans claim Sims is using Britney’s name to gain fame and a career, the “Driving Blind” singer says otherwise.

“I was sitting with her in the living room… and a song I’d done in high school popped up [on the computer] and she was like, ‘I love this song. Who’s singing it?’ And I go, ‘I am, actually.’ She goes, ‘You’re still living with me. I’m getting another assistant to help me out and you’re pursuing this.'”

Sims continued to say she feels being associated with Britney had both positive and negative effects on her life.

“I think it’s a kind of like a double-edged sword. Think it helped in a lot of ways because people did know who I was because I was around her, but it’s also been hard because people expect so much from you — you definitely have to prove yourself with everyone… there’s a lot more eyes on me.”

It’s a slow news week…

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