Britney’s Conservatorship Secures Vegas Contract

September 18, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Britney's Conservatorship Secures Vegas Contract

A recent no-so-blind item said Britney’s conservatorship would dissolve later this year, however a RadarOnline source claims the conservatorship is essential for her contract with Caesars Entertainment over the next two years.

“The contract clearly states if Britney’s conservatorship ends, Casear’s Entertainment has the right to cancel the deal.”

They are taking no chances. “Britney will have a medical team in Las Vegas and if needed, her psychiatrist, who based in Los Angeles, will be made available to her should she need,” said a source to Radar.

Her attorneys filed a motion earlier this month requesting Jamie’s $16,000 a month salary remain intact as well as an additional $1200 for the office he rents, reports

The lawyers want the courts to be compensated for their work since Britney’s “in excellent financial status,” according to their motion.

“They’re asking the court to increase their normal payment of 50 percent of their fees to 80 percent and also to cover 100 percent of their costs.”

A hearing will take place on Oct. 17 when Judge Reva Goetz will rule on their requests.