Britney’s conservatorship lawyers are making over $10 million a year off Britney, according to submitted documents to the Los Angeles Superior Court last Friday showing it costs almost $1 million a month.

Over one third of the money spent, $3.6 million, went to the lawyers representing her in this imprisonment, according to the LA Times.

Around 17 attorneys have worked on Britney’s “case” since February 2008 after Brit was declared “unfit to manage her own affairs.”

Yet she can tour!!!

“Spears has paid $168,790 to her conservator dad for his trouble, and her former husband, Kevin Federline, got $178,818 for child support for their two sons.”

Britney received just $55,000 of her own money to spend.

Additionally, Britney’s assets are estimated at $100 million+, but is not confirmed due to her crafty lawyers placing the money in private trusts.

Shocked Britney will perform a second leg of her “Circus” tour?


The longer they can milk their cash cow, the longer her conservators and lawyers can make close to a million a month.


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