Brunette Britney debuting her new do at Elton John’s viewing party in West Hollywood on Sunday is all the buzz.

“Britney has wanted a change for about a month, but we waited a while until we decided to go with it,” Britney’s colorist Brittany Hunter from Mark Slicker Salon exclusively tells E! News. “We wanted to make sure she was going to be committed to it before we made the change as it can be a difficult process going from light blonde to brunette. We started the process on Thursday and then finished it up on Sunday. We wanted to make sure the color was going to stick and it wasn’t going to fade.”

Britney helped decide the exact hue she wanted for her famous locks.

“Over the past month we both pulled out general pictures from magazines that we both like and then we collaborated on the color. I wanted to keep her as close to her natural color as possible, so not too dark. In the end we went with a very natural and rich light brown. We wanted the right tone that would complement her skin color,” Hunter explains.

So what was Britney’s reaction to the new shade?

“She was very happy with the result. She was just ready for a change,” Hunter says of Britney’s new hair. “Going from blonde to brunette can be difficult, and I am very particular about making sure that I get the color level just right. I wanted to look after the health of her hair at the same time.”

And if anyone was up for the job, it was Hunter. The two have worked together before.

“I’ve been working with Britney since 2011. I met her through her sister Jamie Lynn, as I used to do Jamie Lynn’s hair. We’ve been working together on and off, but I have been back with her since the beginning of this year.”

But will Britney keep the new look, or will she run back to the familiar blonde she’s famous for?

“I do think she will stick with it. She seems very happy.”

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