Britney Spears role on Will & Grace may stir up some controversy after all. The new mom will play a lesbian on her guest appearance on the show according to a report.

On the April 13 episode, in which a Christian network buys ‘Out TV’ where Sean Hayes’ character Jack works Britney will play Jack’s sidekick reports ‘In Touch Magazine.’ She has experience playing gay on TV – remember that famous live prime time TV lesbian kiss with Madonna at the 2003 VMA’s?

NBC issued a press release earlier this month touting Spears’ guest appearance on the sitcom and at that point it appeared Brit would be playing a religious conservative TV personality who would co-host a talk show with Jack (Sean Hayes). Spears’ character at that point would emcee a cooking segment called “Cruci-fixin’s.”

That was quickly denied by the network but apparently scrapped as pressure from religious groups caused the network to re-think that particular plot line. Britney as a lesbian would seem to fit the NBC sitcom a bit better.

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