Britney’s Celebrity Crush Is Still Brad Pitt (And She’s Aware He’s Single Now)

October 5, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Some things never change.


Some things never change.

If you thought BreatheHeavy wouldn’t share every interview the princess of pop gave during her time in the UK promoting Glory, you’re sorely mistaken. Not only has Britney judged Rylan Clark-Neal’s sloppy choreography, taught Loose Women how to dance, denied us a collaboration with Justin Timberlake, played Spears Pong on the Jonathan Ross Show, remained unimpressed with Ariana Grande’s impression of her, admitted her twenties were “horrible” and explained her back walkover mishap at the Apple Music Festival, but the pop star also took a moment to play a game of Question Roulette with Australia’s Today show.

Britney took a chance with destiny and answered a couple of “random” questions, including who her celebrity crush is (Brad Pitt, and yes… she’s very aware he’s available), plugs her endorsement deal with EOS and takes a guess at what her boys will grow up to be. Watch below:

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