Despite rumors that Britney Spears’ custody and conservatorship hearings may have already been moved to the jurisdiction of a federal court, a spokesperson for the office of public information for the L.A. Superior Court tells OK! that this is not true.

“The state and federal issues would have to be litigated among all interested parties involved in Ms. Spears’ conservatorship,” explains the spokesperson. “And at this time there is no change to any of her hearing dates on the calendar in state court. It is our view that all current matters remain in full force and effect.”

At yesterday’s hearing on the state of Britney’s conservatorship, a lawyer named John Eardley attempted to file a motion requesting that all of the singer’s current legal matters be moved to a federal court. As of yesterday evening, the Commissioner Reva Goetz had neither read nor ruled on the motion.

OK! wants to clarify that today’s developments are based purely on a mass email sent to all media outlets by Sam Lutfi’s PR flack Michael Sands, who is falsely stating that John Eardley is Britney’s attorney. Any changes in Britney’s representation must be approved by the court in both her custody and conservatorship cases.

Source: OK

oh brother.

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