Britney will have 50/50 custody whilst on tour!

According to, Jamie Spears and Kevin Federline have reportedly both signed a document allowing Britney to take the boys on the road for the “Circus” tour. Federline, who will be traveling with Britney for the shows, will receive $5000 a week for the duration of the tour.


“The way the deal goes is Jayden James and Sean Preston will follow Britney to three hubs — New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Britney will commute back and forth from each hub during the tour. She’s also renting houses in New Jersey and New Orleans for Kevin if he wants to come along for the ride. But K-Fed gets the $5,000 a week, whether he shows up or not.”

The deal Jamie And Kevin signed “memorializes the custody arrangement they’ve all been following since last year.”

“Britney will have the boys 3 days and nights a week, according to the new agreement, which will remain in effect after the tour is over.”

In fact, the boys will be in Britney’s custody longer than Kevin’s!

Laura Wasser, Britney’s custody attorney, is apparently the hero in the case, who “sealed the deal” regarding the boys’ visitation.

So if Britney was granted more time with her sons because she’s deemed capable enough, why is she still under a conservatorship?

Congrats, Brit!

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