Britney’s Boys Celebrate Bday At Skatepark

September 13, 2014 By Jordan Miller

It’s Britney’s boys’ birthday, *****!

Britney celebrated Sean (September 14) and Jayden’s (September 12) birthday at a skate park in Thousand Oaks Saturday afternoon (lol @ Jayden’s name before Sean’s in the banner).

Britney told Extra last week at The Intimate premiere:

“They’re totally into skateboarding right now. So that’s like their new thing. They’re head over heels. They want a new ramp. They know all the new terms for skateboarding and all the new moves and stuff. It’s like over my head. They’re really into that right now, so we’re going to have [their birthday] at a skatepark.

Happy bday, gentlemen! See a pic of the trio celebrating on Saturday here:

Britney Celebrates Her Boys' Bday At A Skatepark

“Just do it baby, just do it!”