Gomez is going for the gold.


Willie Gomez has danced for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Kesha and many more of the world’s biggest pop stars, but there’s another passion he’s pursuing: a singing career.

Gomez has the vision to create five original songs and videos, but like most up-and-coming artists, lacks the resources to make the dream a reality. He created a fundraising campaign with IndieGogo to help achieve his goals, which caught the attention of his boss: Britney Spears. She posted a special video on Instagram wishing him good luck, and we’re here to help, too.

If you’re unsure about all of this, check out Gomez’s recently released video for his cover of Zayn Malik’s Mind Of Mine cut “TiO,” which he tells BreatheHeavy is one of his favorite MoM tracks (“when Zayn dropped his album, I was one of those that wouldn’t stop listening”).

BreatheHeavy: What was your reaction when you saw Britney share a video wishing you luck?
Willie Gomez: To be completely honest I was in the middle of a Beyoncé concert in LA and I was already so happy that day because Brit approached me twice in rehearsals to tell me how impressed she was with my voice and she couldn’t believe that was me which I thought it was extremely sweet to get that feedback from her that I respect so much. Then that same night I’m in the concert and I open my Instagram and the first thing that I see is her post on my screen but the video doesn’t play as there’s bad reception due to so many people at the stadium but then I see my name tagged and what she wrote… I looked at my friends and I can’t even express the amount of feelings I had going through me as I never saw that coming. She’s seriously the best! So freaking sweet of her to get out of her way to send me best wishes that way.

@williegomez you're such an inspiration. You are so talented! Good luck with your project and I send my love

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Put it out there. Who are some of the visionaries you’d like to collaborate with when the project comes to fruition?
Alex Hope, Brandon Rogers, Brett Mclaughlin they did a lot with Troy Sivan and many others on writing and production. Darkchild, Trixter, Mickey Shilow wrote for Janet Jackson and Britney… these are just the ones I have in mind right now to name some. For video directing my friend Jose Omar which was the “Womanizer” back in 2008 he’s a director/videographer now and he shot 12 of Justin’s “Purpose” videos. Also a big fan of Tim Mattias work.

What genre of music are you aiming to conquer?
I’m really into R&B pop at the moment so I know my first production will be around that.”

You mention always wanting to be a singer, but are mostly known as a world-renowned dancer. Why now? What inspired you to pursue this dream?
“I’ve always wanted to be a singer! Deep inside I’ve always felt that I’m capable of more, but I never had it in me to try and pursue something new. I’ve been doing pretty well as a dancer, but in the last two to three years that flame inside of me has grown so much and I know a lot of it has to do with the amount of support and feedback that I’ve gotten from everyone that comes to Vegas to see the “Piece of Me” show. So I finally said to myself: if they see something special in me and they’re taking the time to stop me on the streets or send me messages on my fan page to share with me such things about watching me on stage then I will push myself to just go for it!


What held you back from pursuing this dream previously?
My family went through a lot of struggles in my teenage years due to my father getting very sick – so they couldn’t even afford for me to go to dance classes. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship in a very small studio that saw the potential in me so they wanted me to stay with them. Then after that… working as a dancer, yeah, you make money but you’re always hustling. So I never had the chance to take breaks from dance to go into singing until now. I’ve made myself get into the recording studio to create, write, learn, watching the engineers do the work and all that as I wanna be involved and be a part of the whole process. I’m in the studio every time I have a break from the show in Vegas as I know I always have the show to go back to so I haven’t put in the time to keep auditioning for other dance jobs as I want to get this done now.

What’s advice you’d give to your younger self in terms of becoming a singer?
To always work very hard to be the best you can be. You will be great in your own way!

Any parting words?
Everything is possible if you want it bad enough and are willing to work very hard for it.

Currently, Gomez is $4,640 into his target goal of $50,000. Get more information about Gomez’s project at IndieGogo.

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