First comes love… Then comes marriage… Then comes BRITNEY’s baby shower! Now that Ms. Spears and happy hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE are about four months pregnant, the baby planning is well underway. Britney’s already been spotted shopping in baby stores everywhere from Florida to California, and as she decides whether to paint the baby’s room pink or blue, the baby shower comes next!

MARK HELD of Mark’s Garden in Los Angeles ( was the man responsible for the floral d├ęcor of Britney’s wedding, and has created incredible floral centerpieces for the baby showers of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including DENISE RICHARDS, BROOKE SHIELDS, GEENA DAVIS and LEAH REMINI. So, will he be doing Britney’s shower?

“I hope so,” he tells ET. “We’re totally excited and thrilled with the news.”

For Britney’s surprise wedding last September, Mark says, “She had this incredible idea of hot pink and red, and it was extremely romantic, very intimate and very different. She has a different approach.”

As for baby shower ideas, clearly it’s Britney’s “prerogative,” but Mark suggests a couple of his favorites. One is a topiary stork made of ivy, which contains a basket full of vibrant flowers in its mouth. Or better yet, he has tall, “Mad Hatter” pile of tea cups and saucers garnished with beautiful, colorful flowers.

“It’s youthful, it’s vibrant and it’s kind of like her — it’s crazy but great,” he says with a smile. Watch ET for more on Britney and her baby shower secrets!

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