Britney’s Baby Already Costing Mom Big Bucks

September 16, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Baby Federline-Spears is getting the royal treatment — already! Britney Spears gave birth to her and Kevin Federline’s son on Wednesday, and a source tells Star that the singer is recovering from her C-Section in a luxurious suite of rooms at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. “She has a room that would normally be semi-private, but they converted it into a private suite with shabby chic couches, chairs, and an armoire. She’s also furnished two sitting rooms for her security to hang out in,” the source says.
Brit’s security team has been on constant watch, even guarding the delivery room door while she gave birth. “They could see everything,” says the source, who adds that havoc broke loose pre-delivery when it came time to outfit those guards in sterile scrubs. Most of them fit (barely!) into the largest size, triple X. “But that still wasn’t big enough for one guy! They had to get him the biggest hospital gown they could find and drape it over him.”
Even with security clogging the hospital hallways, the delivery went smoothly and took about an hour. “Kevin was attentive to her, sitting very close to her face during the delivery. He was so excited.” Brit’s mom, Lynne Spears, was there too, and snapped a photo of Kevin cutting the umbilicle cord. So what’s the baby’s name? They’re considering Sean and Preston, but want to wait until the weekend — when they take their 6 lb, 11 oz bundle of joy home — before deciding for sure.

Source: Star