Speculation that BRITNEY SPEARS’ first child will be a boy has been confirmed – by psychics, astrologers and spiritualists.
The TOXIC singer and her husband KEVIN FEDERLINE are just weeks away from welcoming their offspring into the world and speculation that Spears is set to give birth to a boy appears to have been confirmed, by People magazine’s spiritual investigation.
New York City astrologer ZOLTANA explains, “Her moon is a female planet, and it’s in a male sign – Leo. The ruler of the fifth house is the moon, and it’s in a masculine sign. I’m going to say it’s a male child.”
Fellow New Yorkers – astrologer CELINE and psychic GIA – cite Spears’ vibrations and her high stomach as their respective theories as to why she’s expecting a boy, while Florida spiritual minister Reverend DAWN CASSEDAY sees blue when looking at her.
Los Angeles web psychic JUSTINE KENZER says, “I see a male energy connected to her… this is a spirit that she has known and been connected to for a long, long time… as far back as Egypt, even Atlantis.”

Source: ContactMusic

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