Seems like the tabs all had a meeting together last week, and decided to each do a cover story on who Britney is allegedly dating. Check out the latest issue of Star Magazine, in which both sisters get to share the spotlight. Aww. Jamie Lynn’s headline reads “The fight for baby Maddie.” What fight? Guy can’t even tie his own shoes, let alone fight for custody.

What freaks me out more though is Britney’s headline: “Back together! Britney & Adnan’s **** weekend in Vegas!” ***** please, that guy’s not even allowed to touch her with a 10 foot pole. Or in Adnan’s case a 2.5 inch pole. Heh, get it?

In Touch Weekly isn’t as fun this week – only claiming “Britney’s dating again.” OK who told the tabloids I’m dating Britney again? Did I just say that outloud?

And finally, Life & Style is claiming Britney & Justin are “reuniting.” By “reuniting,” they probably mean the night where they met up together at Robin Thicke’s House of Blues show, in which Justin wasn’t even there for. Maybe the twist is Britney’s secretly dating Jessica Biel. Yes… that’s right. OK only in my dreams.

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