Britney is an inspiration to fans, and while many outside the Britney community fail to see why, followers of her career from the beginning certainly understand. And we’re not alone! Yahoo! ranked Britney the biggest inspirational celebrity:

We all love a good comeback and in 2008 Britney Spears was voted as the greatest comeback ever for her truly inspirational life and career overhaul. Despite going through an annulment and divorce, losing custody of her children and suffering a mental breakdown in quick succession, Britney showed remarkable strength with her comeback. In an interview with MTV Britney stated, “I’ve been through a lot… And you just cope, and that’s what I do. I just cope with it, every day.’” And with her career back on track, a new fiancé by her side and a slimmed down physique, it seems that the star has bounced back better than ever. Well done Miss Spears!

Others included in the ranking are Lance Armstrong, Kate Winslet, Jessica Alba, Christina Applegate, Eddie Izzard and Jessie J.

Something we’ve known all along!

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