I feel like I shouldn’t be reporting this…

Does Britney like her daddy’s home cooking? or prefer fine dining?

TMZ has obtained court documents filed today of Britney’s American Express card expenses for the first 11 months of her conservatorship.

Brit spent over $5000 on eating out at restaurants, but TMZ claims that’s “relatively low” for Britney.

Other expenses on the AmEx card:

Entertainment: $482.15
Furniture: $17,370.29
Charities: $974.75 (remember, this is just her credit card — we’re told more was donated).
Merchandise, clothing, supplies and groceries: $62,252.11
Transportation/Auto: $18,959.82
Travel: $10,096.53
Communications: $2,150.41

Guess Brit loves the cheese grits?!

Image: x17online.com

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