Britney’s Album Concept Shot Down By JIVE, Working With DJ Tiesto

May 1, 2010 By Jordan Miller

It’s May 1st! Let’s kick off the month with a seventh studio album post, ya dig?

Exhale‘s a buzz with new music rumors, including producers and the direction of the album (registration’s open!).

Recent rumblings regarding DJ Tiesto working with Britney are TRUE!

Tiesto confirmed the news in a recent interview.

But is Euro-trance the feel of the new album? One site says it’s likely.

Apparently, Britney had an entirely different direction for the album, but her label wasn’t feeling it.

“Even though she likes the Euro thing, this album is her labels doing,” says one insider. “I definitely don’t expect the ‘old’ Britney to come back because her original concept for this album was so different to this.”

“Her original idea would’ve been a huge flop, but her TRUE fans would’ve loved it.”

I say let Britney do ANYTHING she wants artistically. It’s HER music, HER career and HER fans! She’s already proved she can be on top; time to take a risk!

And **** it, I don’t even WANT a “Blackout” part II. I want something original!

An Original Doll!