After 20 long years, The Britney Army can finally hear Britney’s cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”

Well this is interesting timing. Two weeks ago, we reported Britney’s first boyfriend, Reg Jones, put several of the pop star’s never-before-heard demos on cassette recorded for her first album up for auction. Some of the material has begun to leak, including Britney’s Whitney cover, and the auction is still live. Meaning, this material is not solely exclusive to Jones like we thought, and someone out there has access to it and decided to share it – possibly in spite of Jones; the more material from these cassettes that leaks, the less valuable Jones’ auction becomes, and welp… karma is a b–ch, isn’t it?

Several audio clips of Britney’s “I Have Nothing” cover first popped up on Instagram user MichaelDCoogan’s account. It’s not clear how this person obtained them, or if the audio they shared is identical to what’s on the cassette tapes Jones is selling, but from what I can make of it Britney sounds exceptional. Soaring Britney vocals heeey.

This is supposedly the recording Britney submitted to JIVE Records that ultimately landed her the record deal.

There are also clips of a never-before-heard song titled “Let Me Take You There” (bubble gum pop at its finest), as well as previously-leaked tracks “Luv The Hurt Away” and “You Got It All.”

Here’s the complete list of demos that are featured on these cassettes (the tracks in bold have begun to leak):

“Soda Pop”
“From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart”
“Thinking About You”
“Wishing On A Falling Star”
“You’ve Got It All”
“Love The Hurt Away” featuring Full Force
“Nothing Less Than Real”
“Let Me Take You There”
“I Have Nothing” (Whitney Houston cover)

Here comes the bad news, and I’m sorry for this: I can’t physically share the audio with you due to copyright. However, its’ worth mentioning that the tracks I mentioned above are very much online – I imagine it will require about 30-seconds of digging on Instagram or Twitter to find them, and they’re worth it. Merry Britmas, fam!

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