Most fans would die to spend a moment with Britney Spears, but in one young man’s case the time he has to meet the Queen is cut short.

Cory Moraw, 28, from Longview, Texas, suffers from a genetic illness and is only expected to live for anywhere from one to five more years, reports HLNTV. His community in East Texas helped him earn Cory $13,000 to support Cory’s dream to meet Britney Spears. So far, the young man and his mom secured seats to Piece of Me on August 19, but his dying wish is to meet Britney face-to-face that night.

“My story got on Britney Spears’ fan page,” Cory said. “I almost passed out.”

“It’s all just been kind of surreal today. The whole day has been kind of surreal. It’s all just been amazing,” Janet Russom, Moraw’s mother, added. “It’s just surreal that, that many people, you know, are out there and showing love for Cory and showing love for, you know, his story and he deserves it,” she continued.

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“We just are like, it’s gonna happen, he’s gonna meet her, I mean, I just feel sure he’s gonna meet her,” Cory’s mom said. “And he does too.”