#BritneyJean Takeover:

On the record: I think “Tik Tik Boom” should be the third single off “Britney Jean.”

It appeals to an audience greater than just The Britney Army, and that’s important because we’re fans in an age where Britney doesn’t traditionally promote her music through performances and award shows like many of her pop peers do. A hot song with a stunning, gritty video treatment is just what the “BJ” doctor ordered (coming for that number one spot).

At Britney’s album listening party, Britney looked like she was enjoying the vibe of “Tik.” “Britney Jean” Associate Executive Producer, Anthony Preston, told me that night they were “going for urban but still pop.”

As for getting TI on the track? Totally Britney’s idea.

He said Britney asked for TI by name, and two days later Preston ran into TI in Atlanta at an awards event, and the rest is history. Preston said: “TI killed it.”

A supposed demo of “Tik Tik Boom” hit the Internet sung by GRL, but a label rep tells BreatheHeavy.com the track was always meant for Britney.

“‘Tik Tik Boom’ was never for GRL… one person posted a demo and that lie grew. It was always written for Britney and she was very hands on in the styling. Anything else is a lie.”

Hush, please no more games
No more of the same thing
Been thinking maybe could he
Make me scream his name
And give me the right aim

Baby make me tik tik tik tik tik tik boom

Written by: Britney Spears, Anthony Preston, Onique “Sparrow” Williams, Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., Andre Lindal, Damien LeRoy, Joakim Haukass
Produced by: Anthony Preston
Co-Produced by: Damien LeRoy
Vocal Production by: Anthony Preston
Acoustic Guitar by: Andre Lindal & Joakim Haukaas
Remaining Instrumentation & Programming by: Anthony Preston, Andre Lindal & Damien LeRoy Background
Vocals by: Britney Spears, Myah Marie & Anthony Preston

“We had a blast,” Preston told me in LA on working with Britney. “She’s very focused in the lab, and she knows exactly what she wants.”

Now let’s get Justin Timberlake on the track and we’ll really get people talking! BOOM.

#BritneyJeanTakeover #TheEnd