#BritneyJean Takeover:

“Passenger” was the first song off “Britney Jean” to leak, and the response from The Army was overwhelming. I agree some parts sound more like Myah Marie than Britney Jean herself (she’s not listed on the writing credits), but producer Anthony Preston shot down those claims to fans via Twitter, saying:

“She’s singing the entire song. Hardly any autotune used, homie. Everybody wants to be a critic…”

The intro to the Sia/Katy Perry-written song is chaos, which is funny because the rest of the track is rather mellow. Britney’s stated in many interviews throughout the years she loves to be in control, but perhaps her newfound love (her word, not mine) for boyfriend David Lucado is the inspiration she needed to just say ‘**** it.’ It is rather nice to jump in head first and let go of the control, the anxiety, the fear of what’s to come. Just suspend all reason and really let go – get lost in love – that’s what “Passenger” represents.

Britney told attendees at her album listening party when asked about being in control of her life:

“I love what I do, so I have a hand in everything … I’m a perfectionist as well so just have to keep it tight!”

I’ll let you lead the way now
Cause I want you to take the wheel
I’ve never been a passenger though
I never knew how good it could feel
The road will twist and turn but
I know that I am in good hands
I’ve never been a passenger no

Written by: Thomas Pentz, Sia Furler, Andrew Swanson, Katy Perry
Produced by: Diplo
Vocal Production by: Anthony Preston
Background Vocals by: Sia

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