#BritneyJean Takeover:

“Hold On Tight” is one of the latest songs to hit fans eardrums and it’s an instant hit. Maybe because “Perfume’s” underperforming and the thirst for a ~successful~ ballad is real. There’s something to that… “Perfume” was the obvious choice, but now that fans can draw comparisons it makes the Sia-written song sound a little amateur.

The track’s very simple. There’s no fast-paced beat behind the vocals, no heavy production, no deep bass – just an odd whale call and those mystical (Britney reference) lyrics.

He comes to me in my dreams
And tells me what I need to know
He makes me feel so at ease
He guides me to the lights above
I just wanna fall into his arms tonight
Someone tell me I, I will be alright
Hold on tight

Written by: Britney Spears, Allan P. Grigg
Produced by: KoOoLkOjAk & A.C
Programming & Synths by: KoOoLkOjAk & A.C
Vocal Production by: Anthony Preston & Peter Carlsson

Sorry “Perfume,” you’ve been replaced.