#BritneyJean Takeover: Brightest Morning Star

When “Don’t Cry” came on at her album listening party in LA two weeks ago, I was UMPH feeling it. At the time, I imagined the song was about a breakup, but that seems a little too obvious. Now I fear it’s a lyrical love letter to her fans telling them after Vegas she’s taking a nice long break. Five years long. Don’t cry.

The song jumps from one mood to another, beginning with guitar strings and a whistle straight out of an old Western flick into vibey synths and a big beat (to blast yaa).

We’re gonna miss ya, Brit. Then again, we know she loves them coins. See you in 2015, Record 9!

This is going to be our last goodbye
A love is gone but I’ll survive
Hide my tears and dry my eyes
You don’t need to see me cry
Pack my bags can’t take no more
Adios I’m out the door

Written by: Britney Spears, William Adams, Joshua Lopez, Richard Gonzalez
Produced by: will.i.am & Richard Vission
Vocal Production by: will.i.am
Co-Produced by: Chico Bennett, Zach “REAZON” Heiligman, William “DJ KEEBZ” Kebler & LWAM Acoustic
Guitar by: Joshua Lopez

I’m getting single worthy-teas from this track. Agree?