#BritneyJean Takeover:

Brit’s lil sis Jamie Lynn just launched her country music career with her new single “How Could I Want More,” and that laid-back vibe, guitars and all, transcends into “Chillin With You.” I can see it now: two sisters just sittin’ back with a glass of wine, bowl of grits and guards down. It’s gotta be tough to fully trust someone when you’re uber famous, or a Spears, so this song must be special to Britney.

Everyone has that one person in their life they can watch TV with, fart in front of, know what they’re thinking without saying a word. Most of the reviews I read tore this track to pieces, and that’s unfortunate, because Britney served us some Personalney realness with this song. Plus, imagine both ladies on stage sitting on a stool with just a spotlight and a guitar singing to each other. I’m here for that.

I laughed so much that I cried
I danced so much til I was tired
I drank some red wine and now I’m walking on the sky
I had the time of my life

Written by: Britney Spears, William Adams, Anthony Preston , Joshua Lopez , Keith Harris, Lance Tolbert
Produced by: will.i.am, FRESHM3N III & Keith Harris
Vocal Production by: Anthony Preston
Acoustic Guitar by: Joshua Lopez, Keyboards & Synths by Keith Harris & Lance Tolbert
Background Vocals by: Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, Myah Marie

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