Last time Britney broke glass with a batlike object, she wasn’t in the best frame-of-mind, but this time around our girl is kicking *** and being professional in the process.

The reports Britney breaks a pane of glass in an upcoming promo for The X Factor.

Demi is shown in a trailer talking to a contestant. When Simon comes in and interrupts her, she tells him to be quiet until she has finished.
Don’t mind him, she tells the contestant. “He’s old and impatient.”

The 52-year-old Cowell joked at one point that he’s in his 30s. The 19-year-old Lovato shot back, “a hundred and thirties.”

Demi and Simon aren’t the only ones being intense. Simon says Britney’s no peach herself.

“They’re harder to please than [fourth judge] L.A. [Reid] and me,” he said. “Britney’s quite mean.”
“Honest,” said Lovato.

“People will be surprised at how feisty Britney is,” Reilly says. “And Demi took on Simon on day one. She’s a spitfire.”

Britney may have a sharp tongue, but she’s weeding out the contestants that can’t stand a chance in the hopes to find the next big superstar. She said:

“For me, this is a chance to give back and help young talent realize their dreams.”

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