Britney wrote the theme song for Jamie Lynn’s show “Zoey 101”

July 26, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Spears sisters. Jamie Lynn Spears is getting her own shot at fame — with a little help from her big sister, Britney. Early next year, the All That performer will debut in her own Nickelodeon comedy, Zoey 101, in which she’s a member of the first class of girls at a formerly all-boys boarding school.

Jamie Lynn sings the opening theme, which was written and co-produced by Britney, who also helped her in the studio. “It was fun. I didn’t know how I was supposed to sound, and so she’s like, ‘Do it this way,’ so it was good,” says Jamie Lynn, who especially enjoys the hair, makeup and wardrobe pre-taping preparation.

As to whether there’ll be another singing-star Spears, Jamie Lynn doesn’t want to get ahead of herself. “I just hope to be a very successful actress,” she says. “I haven’t really thought about the singing, and I might never get into it.”

Spears and another Nick star, Emma Roberts of Unfabulous (Sept. 12, 8 p.m. ET/PT), say they haven’t focused on the fish-bowl media coverage that often envelops their famous relatives. Emma, 13, is the daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts. “Just like Jamie Lynn, when I see my aunt or my dad, we don’t talk about the business or the press that they’ve gotten,” Emma says. “And I love what I’m doing.”

-USA Today