Annette Artani’s bi-coastal existence may be hectic but- ever the trouper- she bounces back and forth between New York and L.A., networking, deal shopping, collaborating with various producers and songwriters on material for a future EP. The New York City born-and-raised daughter of Greek immigrants, Annette was immersed in a love of music from the get go, particularly the gut-wrenching offerings of such before-her-time greats as Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Nana Mouskouri. “I LIVE to sing,” she confides. “Even when I’m in traffic, with the windows open.” Like the ladies she revered, Annette’s pipes are impressive- she knows how to leave her own distinctive vocal stamp on a song. During her tenure as Britney Spears’ backup vocalist on the whirlwind “Dream Within A Dream” tour, they wrote some tunes together. One of them — the ballad and upcoming single “Everytime” — surfaced on Spears’ latest album, “In The Zone”. For her upcoming solo project, Annette has joined forces with a host of high profile music mavens. “We seem to have a good vibe going,” she says. “My lyrics are pretty intense.. autobiographical. I need to work with people who share my vision.” True to her roots, Annette’s songs fuse the oud and bouzouki laced instrumentations of her Greek culture with a modern, city-wise pop, rock, and blues sound. “I’m not into following the existing trends,” she explains. “I write from the soul. And I’m out to set some NEW standards in pop music!”

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