Britney Writes Zoey 101 Theme Tune

January 11, 2005 By Jordan Miller

This song is the theme from Jamie Lynn’s (Britney’s little sister) new show. It’s called Follow Me and Britney co-writed it. Here is some credits for the song:

Writed by: Britney Spears, Christian Karissan, Pontus Winnberg and Henrik Johback.
Produced by: Bloodshy Avant For Murlyn Music
Co-Produced by: Bryan Spears
Backround Vocals by: Britney Spears
Vocal by: Jamie Lynn Spears

Heres The Lyrics :

Are you ready?

I know you see me standing here
Do I look good my dear?
Do I look good today?

today, today

I’m just an other kind of girl,
and you want to see my world
So come and ride away

If you wanna play
Come and play today
Let’s just get away (yeah)
I will make you see
All of the things that you can be
Believe in yourself and follow me

yeah yeah

thanks to and