Britney Writes Song About Adnan Titled “Papi”

October 25, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Britney has reportedly written a song about Adnan “Mr. Milky Bowl of Soup” Ghalib for her upcoming album “Circus.” Though there are no details on what the song other then its name, we can all assume it’s about him being an abusive stalker who enjoyed playing Britney’s private voicemail messages on national television and stealing her away to Mexico to film an ~*alleged*~ *** tape.

The song, according to the mag, is titled “Papi,” her nickname for Aiden Adnan.

Though Britney and Adnan “broke it off” 3 months ago, it still apparently hasn’t stopped them from keeping in touch. “They can’t see each other often because it would anger her dad, but they are in touch daily,” said a source.

Britney hopes it’ll make the cut, but odds

If he calls her Mami in return, I’ll throw up. It’ll be that messy, sloppy throw up that you do as soon as you get home from partying all night. The kind where you’re hugging the toilet while tears fall from your eyes. Not that I’d know…