SE (Seven): That’s what’s up. Now, I know you have numerous projects currently going on, or in the works. What can the fans expect from you and The Clutch family in the near future?

J. Que: Let me see, there’s an artist named Bayje. She’s signed to Atlantic. We have the first single coming off of her project. Bayje is pretty dope. Kelly Rowland…Britney Spears, actually I’m just getting back in town from cutting two records with Britney.

SE (Seven): Yeah I hear Britney’s about to make a huge comeback.

J. Que: Yeah it was funny because she was on the cover of the NY Post or something like that, coming to the studio. So she was coming up there to cut with us, so that’s what we were working on.

Credit: BritneySpearsForum

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