Feed The Wolves

Album 8 producer, Jean Baptiste, adds two new players to the game. He posted on Facebook:

“Dj Replay and Ojike are going ham on these Britney tracks!!! Feed The Wolves!!!”

Just sold 5 million copies of that single worldwide “You Aint Even Know It!!!”

I hope “Feed The Wolves” is a track title, because that sounds SICK! Or maybe he’s referring to the Britney Army as wolves, and the track title is “You Ain’t Even Know It.” Sounds a lot like Miley’s Facebook message (#yalldontevenknowww).

DJ Replay is a successful songwriter, and wrote tracks for Chris Brown (“She Ain’t You,” “Look At Me Now”), Black Eyed Peas and Cheryl Cole.

Feed the wolves!

UPDATE: Jean Baptiste confirmed “Feed The Wolves” is not a song title boooo.