Winner winner fried chicken dinner!

Britney Wins Celebuzz March Madness Competition

Britney Spears won Celebuzz’s March Madness competition for the second year in a row!

Brit faced Eminem in the finals and won by a smidge, but a win’s a win!

“Nearly 200,000 votes were cast over the last three weeks, and though, in the end, only a few thousand votes separated Britney from Eminem, the Britney Army refused to let their queen down.”

3/3/2014 – Miley Cyrus vs. Taylor Swift
3/4/2014 – Justin Bieber vs. Kanye West
3/5/2014 – Britney Spears vs. Selena Gomez
3/6/2014 – Jay Z vs. Justin Timberlake
3/7/2014 – Beyoncé vs. Rihanna
3/10/2014 – One Direction vs. Drake
3/11/2014 – Lady Gaga vs. Demi Lovato
3/12/2014 – Bruno Mars vs. Eminem
3/13/2014 – Justin Bieber vs. Justin Timberlake
3/14/2014 – Taylor Swift vs. Britney Spears
3/17/2014 – Beyoncé vs. Lady Gaga
3/18/2014 – Drake vs. Eminem
3/19/2014 – Britney Spears vs. Beyoncé
3/20/2014 – Justin Timberlake vs. Eminem
3/21/2014 – Britney Spears vs. Eminem

Congrats, Britney Army. We still runnin’ things. Like a what? Li-li-like a circus!

Britney Wins Celebuzz March Madness Competition